Joanne Ellison – Director

“As an experienced Manager previously in the Public Sector my leadership abilities could help your company achieve its goals. Active and potential clients will be impressed with my personal and informal approach, allowing long-lasting relationships to be formed.”

Jo has a wealth of experience in the UK public sector having worked in the Prison Service managing some of the most violent men and women in the penal system who often had mental health conditions. Jo has also spent a substantial period of time consulting for Greater Manchester Police on the management of sex offenders in the community and safeguarding the public. Jo has also worked as part of the IOPC (Independent Office for Police Conduct) working on high profile investigations and supporting staff and the public. Jo lead on safeguarding and as a Technical advisor to their Mental Health Subject Matter Network she had an input into mental health definitions used through the College of Policing.

Jo has delivered contracted training in the UAE for the Abu Dhabi police, developing their staff and training them to work in the unique environment of corrections.

Jo is established as an expert in the field of ‘Safeguarding, child protection’ and ‘Mental Health’.

Ian Adams – Non-executive Director

Ian is an experienced corrections professional and has a wealth of experience working for UK HM Prison Service. He has managed the most dangerous prisoners in the UK prison system when he was a manager on the Close Supervision Centre at HMP Woodhill. As head of the North West Area Search Team, Ian transformed a group of dog handlers into an elite operational search team who were often called upon to manage incidents and disorder in prisons nationwide.

Ian’s training experience stems from instructing multi-discipline staff on the Close Supervision Centre Training course. Ian was the lead instructor for the Close Supervision Centre training course – a mandatory training requirement to work in this specialist area. He has instructed in the UAE, teaching UAE Police to work in prisons as well as seconded Nepalese and Moroccan students deployed to UAE prisons. Ian has also written and delivered training and development in Oman – upskilling the Royal Oman Police Corrections staff.

Ian is part of the UK Government Drug Taskforce, charged with reducing narcotics and organised crime in prisons.